IHS Leaders Applaud Montana UIO Vaccine Efforts as “Outstanding” in Recent Visit

On April 7, Indian Health Service (IHS) Acting Director, Elizabeth Fowler, and Billings Area Indian Health Service Director, Bryce Redgrave, visited the Indian Family Health Clinic (IFHC) in Great Falls, Montana to commentate the millionth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine administered across the Indian Health Delivery System.

Fowler highlighted the UIO’s efforts and successful contribution to combat the pandemic as part of the reason why she chose to visit the clinic: "What has stood out to me so far is hearing stories from our dignitaries, their experience here, and just my initial entrance. The focus on the screening, how they've re-purposed some of their areas in order to do the screening.”

During the commemoration, IFHC announced their new “I Made the Choice” program to encourage vaccinations among youth and further their efforts in tackling COVID-19.

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By NCUIH, posted on Friday April 16, 2021
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