Focus Group for the U.S. Census Bureau Participation Opportunity

Kauffman & Associates, Inc. (KAI) invites all interested AI/AN to participate in a Focus Group for the U.S. Census Bureau. KAI is organizing these focus groups in 11 cities around the country. Participants in these groups will provide valuable insight that could help improve the U.S. Census form and the information it gathers about AI/AN.

Recruitment includes tribal members from various tribes and statuses (state/federally recognized, enrolled/not enrolled), ages (18+), and educational backgrounds. If he or she meets the criteria, is selected, and decides to participate, they will receive $75 for their participation. There is a flyer attached for your convenience.

Focus group locations, dates, and times include:

Focus Group Schedule:

KAI Focus Group

Individuals interested in participating will need to call 1-855-380-2418 or email

By , posted on Wednesday January 13, 2016
Kauffman & Associates, Inc. (KAI), U.S. Census, focus groups
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