Health Insurance Marketplace

The Marketplace is designed to help you find health insurance that fits your budget, with less hassle.

Every health insurance plan in the Marketplace offers comprehensive coverage, from doctors to medications to hospital visits. You can compare all your insurance options based on price, benefits, quality, and other features that may be important to you, in plain language that makes sense.

You'll know you're getting a quality health plan at a reasonable price, because there's nothing buried in the fine print.

Insurance plans run by private companies

When you shop at the Marketplace, everything you need is laid out for you. All your costs are stated up front, so you'll get a clear picture of what you're paying and what you're getting before you make a choice.

Under the health care law, there are protections for you and your family. Health insurance companies can't refuse to cover you or charge you more just because you have a chronic or pre-existing condition, and they can't charge more for women than for men.

Many people get a break on costs

Thanks to new rules and expanded programs, even working families are able to get help through the Health Insurance Marketplace. There are expanded programs available, and more people than ever before may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance programs.

Most people are able to get a break on costs through the Marketplace, even if you think your income is too high to get help. One application, one time, and you'll see all the programs you qualify for.

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Health Insurance Marketplace – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose Marketplace Insurance?

How Much Does Marketplace Insurance Cost?

In-Person Assistance

There are different types of assistance available for individuals and small businesses looking to enroll. One type of assistance that is crucial is in-person assistance. Navigators, Certified Application Counselors, Agents, Brokers, and Non-Navigator Assistance Personnel are the different types of assisters available to consumers. We invite you to learn more about the assistance available for consumers and how one can become an assister.

Agents and Brokers                                                   

Certified Application Counselor (CAC) Organization


State-based Marketplaces

What Should American Indians and Alaska Natives Know About the Marketplace?